Branding my Book

Back from a business trip and now I’ve got time to actually post something. I’m a relative newcomer to the blogosphere, having been exposed to it during a graduate class on cyberspace last summer. I got my TypePad account the day they became available and have created and deleted about half a dozen blogs just to experiment.

I’ve found that explaining blogs is not an easy thing. My book is really a one-hour answer to the question, “What’s a blog and why should I have one?” It is not a how-to book. It is a why-to book. There is nothing technical in the book and if you already have a blog, you probably won’t learn much from it. However, you will have a tool to hand to someone who just doesn’t get it.

My background and experience in small markets tells me that just about every business should be blogging. Why should a local retailer pay a bunch of money for design when she can start a blog for a few bucks a month? I’ve talked to many people who have cool web sites AND a blog. Guess which site gets the traffic? That’s right, the blog.

Because it’s a conversation with your customers.

So, don’t buy the book to learn new juicy technical tips on blogging. If you find yourself having difficulty explaining this blogging phenomenon, buy the book and loan it out. Better yet, buy a dozen and give them away.

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