Ageless Marketing: The Criticality of Brand Personality

I came across Ageless Marketing this weekend and immediately subscribed to the RSS feed. I think we could all learn something by sitting at David Wolfe’s feet and listening very carefully.

Drawing on extensive quantitative analysis, Mark and Pearson illuminate the qualitative aspects of brand personalities. They infer that brands fall within 12 archetypal personalities, ranging from Pepsi’s and Harley-Davidson’s Rebel archetype to Hallmark’s and Victoria’s Secret’ Lover archetype.

Consumers evaluate brands through human personality traits, whether you’ve imputed traits to the brand or they’ve done so because you haven’t. Of course, this is largely an unconscious evaluation.

He goes on…

A Duke University study found that brands, somewhat unique among proper nouns, are processed primarily in the emotional right brain. That and other research indicate that brand loyalty depends on emotional arousal. As with humans, we will reject brands that lack attractive and consistent personality characteristics.

Ageless Marketing: The Criticality of Brand Personality

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