You'll Want to be In The Room

Wfyctb_1 June 2002 Wizards of Web is where I first swallowed the red pill and had my eyes opened to how things really work on the web. I’ve been following along with the Eisenbergs ever since and using their Persuasion Architecture techniques to make fists full of money for me and baskets full of money for my clients.

That’s why I’ll be in the room on May 9-10 at Wizard Academy when Jeff and Bryan present the 2-day version of the class. The class is free…sort of. By your attendance, you’ll be helping them promote their new book "Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?". You see, you’ll get 100 hardback copies of the book when it’s released in June for $1,800 now. You’ll also get one signed preview copy of the book when you attend. Buy 100 books and attend a $3,000 seminar free.

I’m not sure how to put it more plainly than this: If you are in charge of your company’s web presence and you don’t increase your sales by more than the cost of the 2-day trip including all your expenses…you’re a doofus.  If you are smart enough to get to Austin on your own, you are very likely smart enough to understand how to use the information in the course to make more money.

And then, in June, when you receive 100 books and start giving them to your colleagues and customers, you will again be recognized for your intelligence and thoughtfulness.

PSSST…I’ve read the book. I have a galley proof. It’s the best, most accessible book on marketing I’ve ever read. No kidding.

If you want to read more about it, click here for the Wizard Academy description. If you just want to register, go here.

I’ll see you in Austin in a few weeks!

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