Words, Words, Words

Bryan and Jeffrey were interviewed by UK-based E-consultancy for their latest newsletter.

The book arrived over the weekend and I wouldn’t have put it down to write this, except that this particular answer hits the nail right between the eyes.  Buy the book. Read it. Use it. Don’t let this information go in one ear or you’ll be gone tomorrow. Here today and out the other.

7. Short copy is better for persuasion, but longer copy may be better for Google… how do you strike the right balance online?

JE: Who said short copy is better for persuasion? Who said long copy was better for persuasion? Who said that long or short copy is a high priority for being found in Google? Who makes these rules? Copy should be as long or as short and is necessary to properly cover a subject. The only thing we insist on is that copy must be relevant for every visitor no matter what their question or where they are in their buying process.

Frankly, mediocre copy that answers your prospect’s questions will outperform well-written copy that doesn’t hit the mark.

Read the interview.

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