Words: One of Your Better Investments

Grokphotos_1My friends at Future Now Inc., always have great advice about the words you choose. It’s always about the words. Check out this month’s feature from our little buddy, Grok…
Everyone’s clambering for your development dollars – software systems guys, design guys, marketing guys, SEO guys, usability guys, information architecture guys. They’re all going to tell you their little piece of the pie is crucial to your success online. And they have a point … up to a point. I guarantee I have opinions on “the good, the bad and the ugly” in these subspecialties as they relate to the construction of an effective persuasion architecture for your ebusiness. So, I won’t sit here and warble that none of this stuff matters, ‘cause it obviously does.

I will warble that none of this stuff matters if you are fundamentally unable to persuade your visitors to take the actions you want them to take. And the key element in your persuasive arsenal is your copy

This is great stuff!  Follow the link for a super story…

Link: Volume 104: 01/15/05.

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