Word of Mouth: A Strategy and a Society

First, the strategy: Anna Gerard wrote up a nice story about a fish market near her home in Australia.

"People here have this deep belief that the closer the seafood shop is to the water, the fresher the seafood."

Read how her favorite seafood shop has closed the loop
and made the customers feel like the water has come to the shop.

Swombanner2 Now, the Society: I joined the Society for Word of Mouth last week. SWOM (members are Swommies) was started about a month ago by Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell of Church of the Customer fame. It’s free and it’s a fun group of people. The SWOM website uses the Ning platform so it’s full of social niceties. You get to build your own page and contribute to forums and a group blog. Come on in, the water’s warm!

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