Which Came First? The Chicken or the Branded Egg?

The Cool News of the Day over at Tim Manner’s blog is the designer egg. No, we’re not talking Faberge here. Tim is quoting a story from the Wall Street Journal about the creation of eggs with special dietary considerations built in. Now the question is…”Would you eat them on a boat? Would you eat them with a goat?…”

…such eggs sell at premium prices ($1 to $3 more per dozen than regular eggs). And they are selling well: “Designer eggs now account for roughly five percent of the total egg market, up from about three percent five years ago,” according to the National Egg Board. Egg consumption is up generally, thanks in part to the Atkins Diet, but also because word has gotten around that eggs aren’t as bad for you as was popularly believed. That’s largely owing to an American Heart Association report in 2000 “saying that a person could eat an egg a day without affecting blood cholesterol levels.” That eggs might actually be good for you is another story, though, and not everyone is buying into it.

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