Welcome to my (art) world

I woke up this morning with the realization that my horizons are about to get a little wider.

Last week Roy gave us a heads up on Eric Rhoads’ new magazine, PleinAir. I had no idea what Plein Air was about until he explained that it’s an artistic technique involving grabbing your supplies, heading outdoors and just painting a picture. In the aging boomer generation it’s taking the place of golf. (if that’s possible)

Also, last week at our partner meeting, Sonja Howle gave a fascinating history of the art of the Santa Fe railroad. It’s the subject of her book and one of the directions she’s taking her partnership in our organization. She’ll be taking over Wizard Academy’s Art Marketing Curriculum and helping corporations establish a vision for themselves using art as a means of evoking their core values.

Now, I find out that my friend Janel (a fellow Magical World’s graduate) wants me to travel to New Mexico with her to visit some old art friends.

She’s a self-described art bricoleur. Basically, someone who makes art out of whatever’s at hand.

So, how does this help my advertising clients? It’s about doing "what you can, with what you have, where you’re at."

A better understanding of the artistic techniques will help me to help my clients take advantage of their existing assets.

I love it when the universe conspires to help me succeed.

Call me a bricoleur.

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