TV's Clutter Grows, Suggests Marketers Don't Mind ? MarketingVOX|NEWS

Clutter is going up. Viewership is trending down. Building a strong brand via mass media will become very difficult in the near future.

This Media Post article by Michael Shields comes our way via Tig Tillinghast at Marketing Vox News.

Solomon believes that the clutter is alienating viewers. “We’ve been saying this is a problem for a long time,” she said. “Look at the ratings. I am not saying there is a direct connection, but I don’t think clutter helps.”

Of course, network ratings have dropped for prime time programming over the last decade plus as fragmentation spreads viewership over hundreds of channels. However, overall TV viewing is not that different, suggesting that clutter isn’t driving viewers from the set, but may be causing them to flip.

TV’s Clutter Grows, Suggests Marketers Don’t Mind ? MarketingVOX|NEWS

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