"The best SEO is Great Content"

Seth Godin’s new book, Meatball Sundae, is hot right now. Rachelle Money, a new journalist at WordTracker, caught up with him for a nice interview.

The best take-away is this quote:

"My position is that the clients are the problem, not the consultants. That’s because they want shortcuts, not hard work. The best SEO is great content. Don’t do that and you don’t get much."

There’s no writing more painful than forced "SEO writing". I won’t do it. The reason is that visitors just don’t like it. It’s obviously painful and even if it works, it is seldom persuasive if all that traffic comes to your site.

If you diverted a freeway into your parking lot, you’d certainly have more traffic. But, would your new visitors like you or be more likely to become customers?

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