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How to Improve your "About Us" and "Contact Us" Pages

(This has been one of the top stories on American Small Business for several months. So, I’m stealing my own story and sharing it here.)

Best-selling author Bryan Eisenberg has been dishing out super advice over at ClickZ for nearly 5 years now. If you will take the time to read all 239 of his articles, you’ll be way ahead of most.

The two most recent articles talk about two very important pages on your site, but pages that usually get only a cursory effort from most site developers. Your "About Us" (read the article) page is a key source of confidence for many of your customers (many could care less).

An "About Us" page is a tremendous opportunity to cement a relationship with many prospective customers. It can put a human face on an otherwise technical, dry, and impersonal page. Properly written, it can provide some serious buying resolve to certain customer segments.

Your "Contact Us" (read the article) page is equally as important. People want to know how to reach you when there’s a problem…or if they want to compliment you! Bryan gives some great examples of companies doing it right and companies doing it wrong. He wraps it up with this:

The "contact us" page is a lifeline for many businesses. For others, it’s what a visitor should click on as a last resort because she’s failed to find answers elsewhere on your site. Either way, take the responsibility. Make sure visitors don’t become frustrated before they reach out. In the end, that’s the key measure of a good "contact us" page.