Playing Good Defense: Taking Advantage of Turnovers

BEWARE: Sports Metaphor usage by a non-sports guy follows…

It's that time of year when even the non-sports people are following tournament brackets just to fit in around the office. Not me. Nobody here gives a rip. Really. HOWEVER, I thought it would be a good opportunity to make a point, and include a pointer. (let the sports talk begin)

Let me spell it out. It's basketball. Your business is one team. You're playing against your cross-town rival. The customer is the ball. The net is a sale. Don't make me draw a diagram.

What if nobody scrambled for a loose ball? What if your competitor drops the ball and you just stand there slack-jawed and let it roll through your legs while another member of your competitor's team picks it up and scores? What if the rules allowed a third competitor to run onto the court and grab the loose ball with his own portable net?

Reminder: You're in business, not watching basketball on TV. If you see a loose ball, pick it up. If your opponent dropped it, grab tightly and don't give it back. In basketball, the ball goes to the team who DIDN'T score (I guess to give them a chance). In business, after you score, the ball stays with you. Don't drop it. Pick it back up and guard it. Protect it. 

Business isn't basketball. You have permission to run onto the court with your own net and grab a loose ball.

Do I need to draw a diagram?

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5 thoughts on “Playing Good Defense: Taking Advantage of Turnovers

  1. Dave Young

    Tyler…I’m not sure. I suppose a business owner can foul-out. However, nobody gets free-throws when a competitor fouls. Do you have a diagram?

  2. Kyle Smith- The Promotional Blog

    Hi Dave. Another very well written post. I love the idea of playing all out in business. Another point of view that I have would be “I love being in the game” When you are part of the game (Business) there are one of two places you can be, either in the stands or on the field. Where are you, I ask? The are a lot of people in the stands making comments and judging the game all the time. The stands are for commentators…. Know anyone like this?


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