Less is More…?

I know this story from Reveries will be good news for shoe sales clerks…

Less is More. Concluding that “the dizzying array of boots and shoes on the market confuses customers,” a leading hiking boot company is “eliminating its most popular line of outdoor sport shoes and cutting the number of styles by two-thirds,” as reported by The Wall Street Journal. The footwear company, a Wolverine Worldwide subsidiary called Merrell, www.merrell.com, “hopes the slimmed-down assortment will make it easier for consumers to find the shoe they need, and also persuade retailers such as REI and Nordstrom to carry entire groups of the company’s shoes, rather than just a few styles.”

I noticed currently there are 3 pages of Merrell’s at Cabela’s website.

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1 thought on “Less is More…?

  1. Evelyn Rodriguez

    I understand the “less is more” thing and often feel overwhelmed myself. But there are times when I like being bombarded with choices especially if it’s in an arena that’s an otaku [Seth Godin’s term].

    For instance, when I lived in Salt Lake I was able to sneak into the Outdoor Retailers Show. It was like a feast for an outdoor gear junkie. Most of the stuff there would never see the light of day (sadly) in many retail shops and I wanted to eat it all up…Kind of feel that way with books too – I want to immerse myself headlong into the endless possibility (but make it easy to find like Border’s kiosks). So there might be a place for the OPPOSITE edge… provide every style known to man. Only works with otaku products/services is my hunch. Or maybe it’s just a pipedream.


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