Insight into Procter & Gamble's Brand Identity Directors

P&GVia Fast Company’s blog, I found a sidebar story with an inverview of Claudia Kotchke, Vice President of Design Innovation and Strategy for Procter & Gamble. Karen Christensen asked, “Each of P&G’s businesses has its own design strategist. What is their role?”

We call them Brand Identity Directors, and they make sure that our equity assets are robust. Their job is to ask, ‘what are all of the equities of, say, Tide?’ The easy part is the logo, packaging and colors – but what about a smell, or a sound, or other unique things that can show up at retail or in use? We try to look at brand equity very holistically and make sure we have robust assets, that really help the brand connect with the consumer and engage various senses. The brand ID director’s job is to make sure that we have relevant and engaging assets, and that they are expressed consistently in the marketplace.

Read the article. It starts on page 10.

1 thought on “Insight into Procter & Gamble's Brand Identity Directors

  1. Tammi

    P&G has always done a great job on their brand marketing. I know, when I was in the Mass/Club arena of consumer products they are the ones I watched. Very interesting piece. Thanks for sharing.


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