I Smell Opportunity!

The story is from Just-Auto.com. Here is the key passage:

Brand image and awareness of most of these companies have fallen to an all-time low, making price the major competitive factor. A few tumultuous years and intense competition for market share has gleaned many insufficiently funded companies from the ranks. With so much of the product coming from the same factories, differentiation must be at the design and brand level. Beyond the top-five market participants, brand equity has diminished severely.

If the category has become commoditized, the first to break away will have a tremendous opportunity to build a customer focused brand. So, how can a business break away? There are only four ways and my friend Roy Williams outlined the first in his weekly memo (Always have it in stock. It worked for Wal-Mart). He’s promised subscribers to his memo that he’ll explain the other 3 another time.

Here’s the story:

USA: North American wheel aftermarket seen at $US1 billion by 2009 : Auto News from just-auto.com

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