Huddersfield – Student trio into sonic branding

Sometimes the best ideas are born of necessity. If no one else will hire you, you must hire yourself. In one of the documentaries on the extended version of “The Two Towers” they say that Tolkein and his friend, C.S. Lewis wanted to read rich fantasy books, but no one was writing them. There was nothing left but for them to create the books themselves.

The music technology program at Huddersfield University looks to me like it at least provides them with a good foundation. I hope these guys make a million…ic Huddersfield – Student trio into sonic branding

1 thought on “Huddersfield – Student trio into sonic branding

  1. Dan

    How are the Huddersfield trio doing? Since the original article I have not heard anything. I hope they make a million – and they could do if they do the right things. Sonic branding is a high growth sector – I should know – I opened the first specialist agency in the UK to do it.
    The secret, if there is one, is to be very talented in sound design (which I am not) or team up with someone who is (which I have!). Outside of that, just read my book! Search amazon for “sonic branding”


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