E-Commerce News: Six Questions To Spur Web Success

Naseem Javed saved the best question for last in his E-Commerce News article. Share of Mind is an important variable in our company’s Advertising Performance Equation. You can buy share of voice with cash, but to earn Share of Mind, you must be relevant. Somehow this takes me back to the Subservient Chicken. I remember the chicken, but did it increase the share of mind that BK owns when I start thinking about lunch? Hmmm.

6. What is “mindsharing,” and how do you win new customers?

Mindshare is more important than market share. Customers must allow a name brand to settle in their minds before they give you cash. As such, market positioning is more critical than profit maximization.

The human mind gravitates toward good names — those that are end user-friendly and trustworthy. When trying to process millions of silly and randomly structured names, the mind becomes overly tired. So, what are good, catchy names, and how do you establish them?
It becomes easy once you have the right expertise. Go online and bring in professional webinars within your entire corporation. This not only is the most cost-effective way to make e-learning a possibility, but also will bring harmony to your branding while dramatically increasing your overall marketing performance.
In conclusion, big branding has gone for a big sleep, and there’s no need to wake it up. Now the most cost-effective approach is to handle your cyber-image using a new set of skills and techniques. The future can be pretty clear if it is planned today.

E-Commerce News: Viewpoint: Six Questions To Spur Web Success

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