Dallas tourism officials looking to shed TV image

jr2.jpgWell, the Place Branding news keeps rolling in. Now Dallas doesn’t want to be Dallas any more. They’re tired of J.R. Ewing. Well, too bad. They’ll just have to wander around in the desert for 40 years just like Moses until this “Dallas” generation dies off. Then, they might be able to find some new catchy “brand.”

Why didn’t they have Joey’s new Friends spin-off take place in Dallas?

The bureau hired a nationally known advertising firm based in Dallas, to craft a new, catchy “brand.”

News 24 Houston | 24 Hour Local News | HEADLINES | Dallas tourism officials looking to shed TV image

On an optimistic note for Dallas, the JR Ewing Fan Club is for sale. As part of their branding effort, they should buy it and shut it down in a ritualistic public ceremony that would make Joseph Campbell proud.

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