Celebrity Branding

Celebrity branding
Savvy celebrities are borrowing tips from the corporate world to raise their profile — and, in some cases, millions of dollars.

From The HollywoodReporter.com

Who’s the best?

“The greatest brander in the entertainment industry today is Jennifer Lopez,” Levine says. “She’s gone from being a hottie singer-actress to being a household name. What was at play in making that happen was a very carefully orchestrated branding campaign.”

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  1. Simon King

    The Death of the Fashion Designer – Long Live the Celeb Designer

    Why buy an ordinary perfume when you can buy a celebrity fragrance? Why buy a designer coat when you can buy a celebrity designer coat? In fact why buy anything that’s not celebrity endorsed? It would clearly be inferior to a celebrity designed product or would it? See our PSFK comment: http://www.psfk.com/2004/10/the_death_of_th.html


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