Cabela's Eyes Fort Worth

Here is a story about a brand I watch with great interest. Cabela’s is a $1.4 billion outdoor retailer based in my small town of 6,000. I don’t work for them, but my wife works part time in their local retail store.

They are a classic cult brand. Just last week, they complete their initial paperwork filing for an upcoming IPO.

I thought it would be interesting to follow developments in the Brandingblog.

Jack Z. Smith writes a column that typifies the type of excitement they generate when they open a new store.

Star Telegram | 04/02/2004 | Look! Up in north Fort Worth! It’s the world’s foremost outfitter

2 thoughts on “Cabela's Eyes Fort Worth

  1. Richard Krug

    I have made several phone orders
    with Cabela’s over the past years.
    Have never talked to a more
    knowledgeable, or courteous people
    than what Cabela has on the other
    end of the phone.
    Thank you. Pass it on to your
    employees please.
    Richard Krug


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