BrandingBlog Radio: Generosity as a Business Strategy

This week, I’m riffing on the subject of generosity and how it can effect Word of Mouth, employee attitude and community acceptance.

You’ll hear about Ding Dongs, moving from Typepad to WordPress, Safelite, Rooflife and more.


3 thoughts on “BrandingBlog Radio: Generosity as a Business Strategy

  1. Gayla

    I completely agree Dave. I had a recent experience with a car rental company. The front end had been not so pleasant. When I returned the car they asked how my experience was, I told them, nicely about what had happened. Not looking for anything, but I sensed that the clerk was truly interested in my feedback. On the spot she gave me a free upgrade on my next rental. Businesses that give their employees to be generous, solve problems at their discretion, build loyalty and a good reputation. Well said!

    1. Dave Young Post author

      Thanks Gayla! You’re right. Most business owners are so worried about their $9.95/hour employee losing them twenty bucks, that they won’t empower them to take an action that would save a valuable customer relationship.


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