Branding Nigeria

Add Nigeria to the list of countries that want to build their brand. I can’t think of Nigeria without recalling all the spam I’ve received over the years promoting one scam or another involving stolen Nigerian money. Like it or not, right now that is their brand image. I’m sure there are plenty of consultants ready to assist them for a small portion of this stolen fortune.

Seriously, they at least recognize that they have an image problem. Fixing it is a tall order indeed.

“…Dr. Chris Ogbechie of the Lagos Business School, said that the imperative of branding Nigeria should be to get the desired image, attract foreign investment, elicit informed pride in the citizenry and sharpen patriotism amongst Nigerians.

He emphasised moral re-armament, value re-orientation, visionary leadership, political and economic stability as some of the major areas on which attention should be directed when marketing the nation.” Nigeria: N/Assembly Ready to Assist in Branding Nigeria

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