The Future of Advertising

AdvertisingsFuture– An Open Letter to Advertisers from The Wizard of Ads
by Roy H. Williams

Google tells me it was the often-quoted Greek orator, Anonymous, who first said, “The only thing constant is change.”

Though I agree that change is ever with us, it cannot be said that it’s truly “constant,” for such a word would imply that change happens at an unchanging speed. Change within a society accelerates and decelerates like a rollercoaster; slugging and clanging up a tedious hill of evolutionary progress to reach the critical tipping point, that eye-of-the-storm where begins the careening, wounded-duck plummet that is the always-messy signature of a paradigm shift. Late 2003 was just such an eye-of-the-storm tipping-point signaling the arrival of the current paradigm shift, our first in 40 years.

The game of successful advertising has never been easy, but it’s about to become a game for masters. Here’s why:
New technologies are making it harder than ever for local advertisers to reach people with their advertising messages. The benefit of successful branding is that…

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