Note to Agent: I want to play the branding guy in the movie.

Finally! A book with a branding consultant as one of the main characters. This is what we need to put branding consultants on the radar of all those people who are not branding consultants. Seriously, we’ve been dishing out lawyer lines for so long, it’s about time branding folks got their due.

I can’t wait to see which big-time branding consultants pick up on the “deep branding” concept.

Here are some lines from a review of Transmission by Hari Kunzru.

“…an enjoyable, page-turning romp about a computer geek, a Bollywood actress and a narcissistic branding consultant. Then, quite brilliantly, it all blows up at the end. “

“…in parallel with this, we follow Guy Swift and his vacuous branding company Tomorrow. His big idea is “deep branding”, and he invites personnel threatened with redundancy to a “village council” where he tells them to give themselves a round of applause. “

Please, please, please, can I play Guy Swift in the movie? News – Features – Naughty naughty, not so lovely

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