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Why to Blog

G500_0012I’ve got no excuse for not blogging up a storm lately. None. So sue me.

Just browsing through my Typepad stats though makes me excited all over again. Search engines still LOVE blogs. Non-bloggers would be amazed at what you can become known for simply by blogging.

A month ago I took some photos of a Mercedes G500 that I was evaluating for my buddy Vince at The Weekend Drive. I posted them on a Typepad Photo Gallery, but really didn’t reference them anywhere else.

At the time of this post, the gallery is the #4 result on the Google search phrase "Mercedes G500". Go figure.

By the way, there are some pretty cool pictures there and you can get an idea of the type of whacko place I live in. Old WWII munitions bunkers. It’s all decommissioned. However, we still have active Minuteman III ICBM’s buried all over the place here.

A Google search for "Branding" puts this blog at #10. Not bad. Rock on, Google.