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Juan go Racing?

Texas_speedwayMy buddy Juan Tornoe has become a Hispanic NASCAR Dad. It’s a rare breed right now, but Juan takes a look at how the racing industry could tap into the fastest growing (in so many ways) market in the U.S. Read about it at HispanicTrending: A Hispanic (me) and NASCAR.

You’ll also want to check out his seminar. He really knows this market. I wouldn’t attempt to navigate these waters without him. Neither should you.

Proud Wizard News

Jg_1 It’s always fun to share good news about a colleague. I found out today that my good friend and Wizard Partner, Juan Guillermo Tornoe was named to the board of directors of the Hispanic Marketing and Communication Association.

There’s no better way to learn about communicating your story to the hispanic markets than reading his blog, Hispanic Trending.

Here’s an excerpt from the story…

MIAMI, FLORIDA, (NAMC) – The Hispanic Marketing & Communication Association (HMCA) announced today four new board members: Suzanne Irizarry de López of Bilingual Research Services, Sylvia Nieto-Vidal of Multicultural Insights, Juan Guillermo Tornoe of The Wizard of Ads, and Richard Velez of MASS Promotions

Juan Guillermo Tornoe is based in Austin, Texas and is Market Research Director for Wizard of Ads, Inc. Spearheading the Hispanic branch of the company, he is creator of Hispanic Trending, a Latino marketing and advertising Blog, which gives access to research, news, and commentaries on the Hispanic market. He has a degree in Pre-Med from the Universidad Francisco Marroquín and an MBA from ESEADE (Escuela Superior de Economía y Administración de Empresas), both in Guatemala.

[Read the entire story here.]

Tales of a Recent Immigrant

Jg My good friend and partner Juan Tornoe (Hispanic Trending) just got an article published by Adweek’s Marketing y Medios. It’s a short article, but it gives deep insight into the experiences of recent immigrants to the U.S. and for those willing to comprehend, some advice about customer relationships as well.

Next time you see Juan, give him a hug.

Link: Tales of a Recent Immigrant.