Oh, to be able to write like John Peterman!

’40s Silk Polka-Dot
You’ve already worn this dress; in your other life, in the 40s.
You wore it the night you danced the night away with the tall young naval officer, resplendent in his dress-white uniform.
You wore it to the train station, where you said good-bye to him forever.
You wore it to that party in the Village where you met William Faulkner and Robert Lowell. Faulkner was gracious, courtly. Lowell burned with intensity. It made you weak in the knees.
When you wore this dress, men told you how much you looked like Alexis Smith. (Or Gene Tierny. Or Myrna Loy.) It was a line, but there was a lot of truth to it.
You were glamorous in this dress.
40s Silk Polka-Dot Dress (No. 1335). 27mm silk crêpe de Chine, fully lined. Notched collar. Pleated bodice with three self-covered buttons. Pert flaring peplum with snap-closing side slit. Ankle-length skirt has long inverted pleat in back.
Women’s sizes: 4 through 16.
Color: Cream polka dots on Red.
(Note: dots are the size of small garbanzos; lemur eyes; hummingbird hearts.)

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  1. David Young

    Is it proper blog-iquette to add a comment to your own post? Who cares! The only place I know where you can begin to learn to stitch words together as seamlessly as this example is the Magical Worlds seminar at Wizard Academy, taught by Roy H. Williams.


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