John Peterman Profile put up a career profile of J. Peterman today. Not, the Sienfeld character, but the original. Funny thing is, when Peterman wanted to buy back the name after the bankruptcy, he got help from the most unusual of places; actor John O’Hurley who played the J. Peterman character on TV. Here’s Peterman talking about the brand that he built, lost and is building again…

If I had to define a Peterman item it would be romantic – not in the hold hands, kissing sense, but in the romance of travel to another time and place that is more interesting than where you are today. It would have to be unique, authentic – it would have to come through an authentic past. It would have to be interesting or wondrous as in ‘I wonder where Peterman found this.’ And they’d have to be of excellent quality. Those are the terms that would define a Peterman product. | John Peterman | Clothing, Furniture and Accessories | J. Peterman Catalog and Brand

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  1. jane

    Well Dave, of course you’ve already followed this path! Just reading (finally) J.Peterman Rides Again (won it at my 1st Magical World’s) and was going to recommend it to you and other Wizardly maestro’s — but I you’ve been and done. oh well. That’s why you are who you are! jane


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