I Did Not Die Today

[For those of you who like the hands-on, how-to, git-er-done over the abstract and thought-provoking material that Roy sometimes writes, you’ll LOVE this memo. -Dave]

Portaltonewworld2 An Introduction to Chaotic Ad Writing

By Roy H. Williams

I am, for the moment, alive and well as an ad writer. But I feel I’m being stalked by iPods, cell phones, instant messaging, and increasingly fragmented media choices. And they’re all gunning for my life.

Over-communication rides rampant across the mindscape of America, putting greater-than-ever pressure on ad writers to create ads that produce results.

Today I will teach you how to write such ads.

The opening line is the key to impact. So open big. I’m not talking about hype; "Save up to 75 percent off this week only at blah, blah blah." I’m talking about a statement that is fundamentally more interesting than what had previously occupied your customer’s mind.

Wasn’t your attention piqued by the opening line, "I Did Not Die Today?" Magnetism is why I chose it. Frankly, I had no idea how I was going to bridge from that opening line into the subject matter at hand. But it can always be done.

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