I Still Did Not Die Today

Ok, if you happened to read Roy’s MMMemo this week, you’ll recognize my shameful stealing of his headline. I haven’t posted anything since then. But I didn’t die because of it.

Meanwhile, half a world away, my partner Craig Arthur keeps finding great stuff to post. Sometimes I think he has some kind of spyware on Roy’s hard drive.

If you are one of the many media reps who stop by here from time to time, you’ll enjoy this post from Making Ads Work.

Radio’s Four Advertisers

By Wizard Founding Partner Roy H. Williams
First published in Radio Ink Magazine

There are only four prospects in the world. Today I’m going to introduce you to them and help you better understand how to sell each of them their way. Grab a pen. You’re about to draw an intersection graph that includes every advertiser you’ll ever meet:

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