Ever seen a Square Zebra?

Danielle LaFleur was kind enough to stop by here and post a great comment today. I checked out her blog and so should you. Here’s a paragraph I clipped out of her about page:

My purpose for this website is to give my clients tips and tricks on how to better manage their work flow using technology. To keep up with current trends in technology and small business happenings. Adding a personal touch to the industry. (I will try not to drudge on endlessly about data packets.) *smile*

That’s why every business should be blogging. WAAAAY down at the bottom of the page, under interests, you’ll see: Hardware implementation, software training/teaching, communications, network design and maintenance.” When Danielle’s clients get approached by ANY other firm that offers these services, do you think they will even hesitate before saying “No Thanks?” Only if Danielle really messes up. It’s all about relationship building. What are you doing to cement your customers to your firm?

1 thought on “Ever seen a Square Zebra?

  1. Danielle LaFleur

    Thank you! 🙂

    I have to admit, I have great long-term clients. My goal is to build a trust between the client and myself. It’s a lot easier to work with someone when they know you’re not trying to scam them. (Or spam them?)

    Plus, most of my clients are women who own small business, under 100 employees. So we can always find an excuse to do some IT training while shopping for new Kate Spade bags. “See, the green piping on this bag is like the green light signaling you have power to your computer… Not only is it pretty, it’s also fundamental to the design of the bag. Just like power is fundamental for your computer!”


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