Bootstrap Branding

I like Richard Layton’s advice in his latest article for MarketingProfs because it resounds with my clients, the little guys. I won’t consult for an organization where I have to deal with a committee, or a VP who can’t give an unconditional “YES.” Business owners have the power to change the way they and their employees think about their companies. Marketing committees usually do not.

As much as anything, branding is a discipline applied to every aspect of your business. Here’s where I tell clients it starts: to change the way people think about your company, first change the way your company thinks about itself.

Bootstrap Branding

2 thoughts on “Bootstrap Branding

  1. Danielle LaFleur

    VP’s are just mad because they know they have peeked in the industry but don’t have enough guts to start their own companies. That’s why they never say, “yes!”

    I talked to a specialist to help me ‘brand’ my company. She asked, “What made you decide on the name Square Zebra?” I replied; “The url was free.” After staring at me blankly, she stated she needed a drink and came back with something that looked like water but didn’t quite smell of it. *grin*

    Great article.

    – Just wandered over via Michele’s blog.

  2. David Young

    Square Zebra’s a terrific ice-breaker! When we tell people we’re “Wizards of Ads” you should see the look we get. Some people take a step back! It’s all about telling your story, and I look for any excuse to tell mine.
    That’s Why We Blog!


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