1 thought on “WonderBranding: Marketing to Women: My Kingdom for a Brain

  1. Tammi

    Would it be to forward for me to say I love you?!?! What a great post. In my industry we try and try and try to tell retailers they need to cater to the female consumer, they are making the decisions regarding the purchase (96% of the time). They look as us dumbfounded and say – How? We don’t know How! I’ve told our marketing department, I don’t know how often, that we must change our marketing slant. Again with the – How?

    If you spend time in the stores and watch people shop, it’s obvious that woman and men shop differently, make decisions differently, etc. I’m thrilled to know that someone is starting to notice that. I agree with Michele 100% in that Human Behavior classes really should be a required part of gaining a degree in marketing.

    Ok – I’ve gone on long enough. Bottom line, thank you for the link. I enjoyed it very much!


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