Wonder Branding – The Seminar

(warning: this post contains blatant promotion and enthusiasm for a friend and colleague.)
First came her book, “The Natural Advantages of Women,” then the WonderBranding blog. Now, my friend Michele Miller will be leading the “Wonder Branding – Marketing to Women” curriculum at Wizard Academy.

Here’s a list of topics she will be covering in two jam-packed days.

~The power and influence that women wield in today’s economy

~How the female brain is “hard-wired” for branding

~How to plant your business in the “reward behavior” area of the brain

~The 5 things that connect women to a brand… for life

~The next wave of positioning your business with female customers

~How to apply the same strategies that Target, Wyndham Hotels, and Home Depot are using to create a core bond with female customers

~Which “language” you should speak with your customers – the power of words and design in marketing to women

~Finding and molding a strong “core of influence” for a business (hint: it’s not about focus groups)

~What the “inside” of your business says to female customers

The seminar will be held May 6 & 7 in the beautiful hill country south of Austin, Texas at the headquarters of Williams Marketing.

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