When your brand is all about hunting and fishing, it never hurts to have the President of the United States stop by for a speech.

cabelalogoI enjoy keeping track of Cabela’s, a billion dollar company based in a town of 6,000. Today, President Bush held a rally at Cabela’s Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin facility. I think most of their customers would appreciate this. Here are the parts of his speech where he referenced Cabela’s. Follow the link at the end for his complete remarks at the White House web site.

LAURA BUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, our President, George Bush. (Applause.)

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. Thanks for coming. I better take off my jacket. (Applause.) Listen, thank you all for coming. They told me we were coming — please sit down. It may take a while. (Laughter.) They told me I was coming to Cabela’s and I said, already, fine, I’m looking for some power worms. (Laughter.) I like to be in hunting and fishing country. (Applause.)

I really appreciate the Cabelas for being here. You’ll hear me talk about the entrepreneurial spirit, and, Ms. Cabela, you are a true entrepreneur. You had a dream; you counted on good people to help you realize that dream, and you built one of the great companies in America. And we’re proud to be here at the Cabela site in this — in this part of Wisconsin. (Applause.)

And I know this: I know that if Mr. Cabela were standing up here, he’d say, yes, I had a good idea, but if — but it’s the people that worked with me that have made this — made this company grow. I want to thank the folks who work here at Cabela’s for your hospitality. Thanks for letting us disrupt your day. (Laughter.) Thanks for making sure the fishermen and hunters of the country have got — well-equipped. (Applause.)

Remarks by the President and the First Lady at “ask President Bush” Event

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