The Three Dimensions of Behavioral Targeting

I’ve been slowly doing a bit of blog housekeeping lately and found a post that I inadvertantly swept under the couch last September. The link still works, so here is is.

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Great branding story today (ok, not from today) from ClickZ. I love the term Brandwashing.

The Branding Dimension: Brandwashing
"Brandwashing" is my dysphemism for branding. Don’t get me wrong, I mean this in a positive way. Similar to its ominous counterpart, brainwashing, brandwashing is conditioning consumers’ perception of a brand and the consequent increase of its awareness, recall, and equity over time.

As more brands turn to the Internet as a viable advertising vehicle, the channel will only become more congested. This trend is already validated by ever-decreasing CTRs for almost all standard banners, year after year, as consumers are bombarded with ad units and messaging. If the current challenge is to break through the clutter to get in front of the target audience, behavioral targeting has the ability to ensure timely delivery of the right messaging, in the right context, to the right people. 

In a recent discussion with interactive colleagues at WPNI/Newsweek, I learned Shell and Exxon have included online as a major component in their respective marketing mixes. One might wonder why petroleum giants are doing online advertising. I have a few guesses and will confidently say branding is one of their objectives. If branding is about achieving strategic ubiquity online, then behavioral targeting can certainly be a solution.

The Three Dimensions of Behavioral Targeting

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