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Let's meet in Barrie, Ontario next week!

Front-page-image The next version of our Wizards On The Road event is next week in Barrie, Ontario, just a short hour's drive from the Toronto Airport.

Steve Rae is organizing the event and we've got 2 full days of Wizard of Ads teaching for you at the insanely low price of $145.

If you read Roy William's Monday Morning Memo this week, he mentions the Pendulum of Society. I'll be delivering the original presentation that we've been showing around the world for almost 7 years. If you haven't seen this unique view of society's generations, it's worth the trip. If you're scratching your head wondering about all the changes going on around you, this will make things clearer.

Check out all the details at www.WizardsonTheRoad.com or just go over to our signup page and we'll see you in Barrie!