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The PR People Have Spoken

Uo_logoIt’s official. (read the release) I can blog about it now. My buddies at Future Now Inc. are being praised for their work on the new Universal Orlando Resort web site. It’s a big site, they’ve been working on it for at least the last 6 months and it’s already making a difference for Universal. Persuasion Architecture is about mapping the company’s selling process to the customer’s buying process instead of forcing the customer to figure out how to buy.

It’s a cool new site and I haven’t had the chance to really dig through it all. Here’s my advice to you: Go to the site with the assumption that you have decided to take a vacation to Orlando. Follow your instincts. See where the scent trail leads for you. Have your kids do the same thing. Have your spouse do it. You will each follow different paths and end up in a similar place…ready to buy. Give it a try.

When you think of Orlando Vacations, you probably first think of Disney World. Check out the comparison page on Universal’s site. I like it.