Rearranging Neurons

Neuron It’s a real thrill watching 76 people re-arrange their neurons. They were under the misguided impression that they were attending another "advertising seminar." I could tell as they filed in that they were guarding pre-conceived notions about copy and schedules mapped into their neural network by years of media reps dripping slow commerce poison into their brains.

The real show is only visible from the platform. Watching the "aha" moments as those preconceived notions get zapped by some Wizard mojo and the neurons reconnect in their proper places. It was a mass chiropractic adjustment of the brain.

The procedure went extremely well. The prognosis is much improved.

Big thanks to Jay and Eileen Austin at Coyote Country 105.3 in McCook for setting up the "seminar". It was a first class affair. Everyone got a free lunch, a personal copy of Craig Arthur’s "Making Ads Work" along with a binder of other useful information, and of course 6 hours of the best material the Wizards have to offer.

We had clergy, teachers, bankers, poets, geeks, and all manner of business owners in the room. It was a perfect audience, a perfect setup and a perfect day. I’ve never experienced a smoother and more professional sound setup. Thank you Jesse and Derek!

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