My Own Wifi Zone

I don’t usually write product reviews here, but I’m actually getting tired of using some of the ridiculous high-speed internet connections at the hotels I’ve been practically living at lately.

It would be nice if they all had wifi that just worked. I’ve had the best experience with Holiday Inn Express.

Wireless_pocket_router_1The most frustrating are those who seem to think I’ll be comfy if I’m jacked in about 3 feet from the TV and nowhere near the desk. One solution is to carry a 20-foot network cable (and hope no one trips over it).

Here’s the best solution I’ve found so far…the D-Link DWL-G730AP Wireless Pocket Router. Just plug this baby in and you’ve got your own little wifi hotspot in your King Non-smoking mini-suite.

Take that Best Western!

Oh yeah…I first read about it on an airplane. I needed it two weeks ago in Omaha. I went to Best Buy…nope. CircuitCity…nope. Checked Amazon…BINGO. Let me know if you find it in a store! Better yet, just buy it from Amazon and they’ll give me a couple of bucks for the referral…it’s like tipping me for a super tip.

2 thoughts on “My Own Wifi Zone

  1. nic mitham

    i think it’s interesting how some hotels offer free broadband (wireless and wired) and some do not. from my experiences in the states, it would appear the more expensive the hotel, the less likely it is to be free. Figure that!!? But, at least in the US some do offer free.
    In Europe, I’m yet to find a hotel that offers free broadband.


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