Better than Cheese

If I had a dime for everyone who bought multiple copies of that Cheese book from a few years back, I’d take the money and buy you all a copy of Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?

People who have read it are raving about it. You can be one of the first to have it on your desk.

Read what other’s are saying: People like Gitomer, Hopkins, Godin, Williams and more.

This book takes a fuzzy subject like personality temperament and shows you how to use it in your every day marketing. In a way, it’s a deconstruction of what highly competent salespeople do intuitively.

I’m not comparing Jeff and Bryan Eisenberg’s new book with the content of the cheese book. But, if you thought that a little parable was enough to get people to change and you bought all those copies to give to people to change them…maybe you’re the kind of person who will buy multiple copies of a real business book with actual things people can change in their marketing and see how it changes them.  Hmmm?

The book comes out on June 12. Barne’s and Noble have set up a special site for the book and specifically for bulk orders.

Inside EVERY book is a CD with an 80-minute conversation about the principles behind the book. There is also a PDF on the CD with the ENTIRE book on it, making searching a book easier than every. (and believe me, you’ll be searching through this book again and again.)

Here’s a preview of the video.

You can read a sample chapter to get a taste of where the book is heading..

To order, just go to the special BN site, or Amazon or Booksamillion.

BONUS: There is a $50 gift certificate from Yahoo! Search Marketing for anyone who purchases a copy of the book.

MY STAKE: I believe in these principles so deeply that 90% of my income is derived from helping my clients implement Persuasion Architecture in their online ventures and their retail stores.

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