Monday Morning Memo from The Wizard of Ads

The Branding Blog is please to present Roy H. Williams and his Monday Morning Memo.
This link will be a standard feature each Monday morning. Some may ask, “what does this have to do with branding?” If you’ve ever read Roy’s books, you’ll know that he can weave everything from brain architecture, Monet and Chaos Theory into why we do the things we do. And isn’t that the key to developing a brand?

Gift of a Jew

1933: America is drowning in the depths of the Great Depression when Max Gaines loses his job as a novelties salesman and is forced to move into his mother’s house with his wife and two small children. As he lays his battered suitcase on his boyhood bed, the radio informs Max that Adolph Hitler has just been named chancellor of Germany. It is a gray and dreary day. The only cheer Max can find is in some….. Wizard Academy – Monday Morning Memo

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