Martha Stewart, Convicted Felon Omnimedia

Still, the most amazing thing to me about the Martha Stewart story is that she risked and lost over a BILLION dollars in value of her own company to save about 50 grand in speculation on a medical stock. No wonder she’s a former stock broker.
If you’re a fan of fantasy fiction, you’ll recall Terry Goodkind’s book “Wizard’s First Rule.” Several hundred pages into the book, we discover the Wizard’s First Rule….People are Stupid.

Neil Irwin of the Washington Post has a story taking a look at the value of Martha’s brand this morning. Here’s a quote:

In a survey by a marketing firm conducted after the verdict Friday, consumers viewed the Martha Stewart brand even more negatively than Enron Corp.

More negatively than Enron…wow. I think some of that is likely to be attributed to the heat of the moment, but still.

Read the story here.

5 thoughts on “Martha Stewart, Convicted Felon Omnimedia

  1. Michael Gray

    A funny thing happened on the way to Martha’s conviction, in your quest to take down a corporate fat cat you cost 200 people at MSO thier jobs. Way to go America!

  2. David Young

    I didn’t take her down. She’s a former broker. She should know better than to do what she did. SHE IS RESPONSIBLE for the jobs that were lost. SHE IS RESPONSIBLE for the lost of equity in her company.

  3. eva st. peron

    Vulcans Unite under one Flag
    Condoleezza Rice and Martha Stewart
    For Christ sake someone give Martha a Gag Order. MarthaTalk is on, there Marthatalk will inform you of just how guiltless a narcissistic character can be. On, she, Martha will convince you of her authenticity. If this were a public hanging, Martha would twitch and wiggle for hours — way past sunset. “Martha don’t hang good, kick-in and squirming as she dangle, she wiggle too much and take too long to strangle. . .”

  4. Bill Emslie

    Well it’s all over but the fat lady’s song. Martha’s voluntarily begun her five month Home Detention on her 50 acre spread in Connecticut(wonder if that includes the horse trails), her appeal is probably DOA, she’s got a paid inmate informant at Danbury Prison for naughty spoiled girls, and has completed her Chuck Norris vigina defense course (and you wondered why he’s no longer shooting Texas Ranger!) When she gets out, she will have sictilating stories to tell at her famous dinner parties about her time in “the joint”, and will almost certainly treat her fawning minions with more respect, knowing that anyone paid
    the salaries she offers may also have a record! She will undoutably be a better person for realizing that justice is not just for the “little people” and will wish she had not, just curse the day she, dropped her Ethics class at Barnard.
    “Baby. you know that you lied” from the popular 60’s tune all the to Rod Stewart’s (any relation) “and yet I still look for find a reason to believe”, she has no one to blame but herself and her own well developed arrogance. In her case prison is a “good thing”, she will die a better person and live a better life. May God have mercy upon her shareholders. Cheers to all!

  5. Jokes Page!

    Hey, i heard this today 😉

    Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesn’t seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed.

    The other guy takes out his phone and calls the emergency services.
    He gasps: “My friend is dead! What can I do?”

    The operator says: “Calm down, I can help. First, let’s make sure he’s dead.”

    There is a silence, then a gunshot is heard. Back on the phone, the guy says: “OK, now what?”


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