Just a few seats left in Blog/Web Workshop

Roy Williams gave a nice plug to my blog/web workshop at the end of today's Rabbit Hole in today's Monday Morning Memo.

Blog/Web Workshop at Wizard Academy We'll be teaching the class using an innovative and relatively easy WordPress system. It's not the free blog you can get on WordPress.com, but it's an easier path than doing the whole self-hosting thing where you've got to buy hosting, do the FTP thing, apply themes, etc.

Who is the class for? If you've been using your computer for quite a while, but have never ventured out past the safe harbor of browsing and reading email, we can get you rolling. We've taken folks who didn't even know that there was such a thing as a right-click on their mouse and turned them into bloggers.

If you've experimented
with pointy-clicky editing and content management systems quite a bit, you may find the course to be a bit more elementary than you would like. You are still VERY welcome to attend, but we may ask you to help your classmates along!

So, you'll walk away with a website and integrated blog. You'll have a much better idea of how the internet works and why blogs are a big part of the glue that binds it all together. You'll understand the basics of how a design is chopped up and applied to a site. You'll also get a bonus session where you'll develop the outline of an entire year's worth of blogging, or the outline to your next book.

You'll get all of that…if there's still a seat left.

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