INSPERIENCES | The Experience Economy invades the domestic space!

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So here’s what TRENDWATCHING.COM suspects to be the next big thing in the world of domestic bliss: INSPERIENCES. Basically, in a consumer society and outside world dominated by experiences, preferably branded, designed, themed and curated to the nines, the INSPERIENCES trend represents consumers’ desire to invite brands offering experiences exclusive to the (semi) public domain, to set up shop within their own domestic domain.

INSPERIENCES | The Experience Economy invades the domestic space!

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    Apart from the drivers mentioned in the article, we see two more drivers that are responsible for people spending more time in their homes:
    (1) Technology that makes it possible to work from home. We now have home offices that give us everything that we had in the office, plus no time wasters just stopping by to chat. That means we are more productive so we can actually take a full one-hour lunch break and actually cook something fresh. On the same note, we are able to do so many other things around the house simply because we don’t waste time commuting.
    (2) The hassle factor of airlines continues to climb by the day. So we avoid travel when we can, and therefore, spend even more time at home.


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