I think I’m in "The South"

March 7-13. That was the last full week I spent in my own home. Austin to Winnipeg to Denver to Phoenix to Los Angeles to Melbourne to Hobart to Los Angeles to Las Vegas to Austin to Phoenix to San Diego to Denver to Knoxville where I hear the lovely drawled greeting of the waffle lady here in the Residence Inn each morning at breakfast. I’ve got just a 74 more miles before I make United’s Premier status this year. Too bad we’re driving to Austin for Wizards of Web. 😉

The more personas I create, the more wireframing I do, the better and quicker I get at it. It’s fun work and it’s exciting to see the lights come on in the eyes of the business owner as he gets a deeper understanding of his own business and realizes how important the Persuasion Architecture process will be…not just for his web site, but for all aspects of customer interaction.

I’m excited to be headed to Austin for Eisenberg’s BIG EVENT. It’s not too late to join us!

I’m also excited to get home the next week. That’s where you’ll find me for at least a few weeks.

1 thought on “I think I’m in "The South"

  1. Michele

    I know you’ve been counting the miles, and I’m sure you’re counting the hours till you can get home and stay put for awhile! You’re doing incredible work, Dave… an inspiring example for all the partners. What makes me smile is how enthusiastic you are about what you do. Don’t think I’ve ever met someone who loves life and everything it throws in the pot quite as much as you and Julie. Rock on, my friend!


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