Have You Seen Any Action from "Call to Action?"

Calltoactioncover If you’ve read Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg’s new book and actually DONE SOMETHING about it, you’ve likely already benefitted financially. Well, you have until July 11 to send in your brief case study and you could win one of 12 free seats at the one-time-only Call To Action Seminar!

This book has 3 single-spaced pages of contents. Surely, you’ve implemented just ONE IDEA from the book and are seeing results.

Seats are going for $2,200 a pop. Winning the contest allows you to bring a companion or colleague FREE. You pay for your tuition, and Eisenbergs will pay for your companion’s.

Register here:  Call To Action: Secret Formulas To Improve Online Results Seminar.

Send your case study to the Grok at this address.

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