Have you seen a dog-eared Yellow Pages book lately?

Me neither.

My Facebook friend, Ruth, was asking for help researching a presentation she's giving to a bunch of Yellow Page advertisers and it got me thinking about this topic.

It used to be that your Yellow Pages book would get all dog-eared and doodled on in the course of the year. Every single Yellow Page book I've seen in the past couple of years has looked pristine. Shockingly pristine.

What a waste of money…good money by good people that are afraid NOT to advertise in this dead-tree environmental disaster. Millions of books printed, at a huge profit, just to spend a year on your desk in a drawer before heading to a landfill. Of course, that's just my opinion.

If you have a doodled-up, dog-eared Yellow Pages book, please snap a pic and send it my way…just for nostalgia's sake. My kids don't believe that people used to use them for any worthwhile purpose.

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8 thoughts on “Have you seen a dog-eared Yellow Pages book lately?

  1. Joshua Stevens

    I have a dog-eared yellow page book Dave…bc it sat outside in the front flower bed too long in the rain.

    When I could bear the battering of it no more (inside a protective bag btw), I scooped it up and dumped it in the trash can. I grabbed this pic for ya though…

    Believe it or not, I spoke yesterday w a business who prefers to spend w Yellow Pages than a more inexpensive top page Google listing!

  2. Phil Wrzesinski

    I have a dog-eared one. It’s about 3 years old and sits precariously in a pouch in the backseat of my Chevy Silverado. My boys think of it as a footrest – hence the dog-eared appearance. I’d send you a picture, but without a kid in the seat, the pic wouldn’t do it justice.

  3. Felex Tan

    Since i started to use google, i stop using yellow pages to search information, however,yellow pages do give a great information like supplier details and etc.I don’t think yellow pages will disappear ..

  4. Andre Ivanchuk

    Is Yellow Pages willing to accept the reality that the books just might be obsolete for their intended purpose?

    The big elephant IS in the room, just accept it and move on!


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