Customer Engagement: A Kinetic Word of Mouth Technique

If you can get people involved in an experience with your product during the buying process, you'll go a long ways to cementing good feelings toward you. You'll also give your customer a reason to blab.

Chevrolet is now offering Corvette customers the opportunity to assist in the assembly of the very engine that will be put into their new ZR1 or Z06. The engine will get a custom plaque before it's shipped to final assembly in Bowling Green, KY.

Imagine if you will, how intolerable these Corvette owners will be in their insistence on telling you how they built their own engine. They'll want to show you the pictures. They'll offer to raise the hood to show you the plaque.

QUESTION: How can you offer a similar experience to your own customers? How can you involve them?

5 thoughts on “Customer Engagement: A Kinetic Word of Mouth Technique

  1. Chris Wren

    Getting customers involved in the process is always an incredible tool for boosting loyalty. A former client of mine solicited ideas from end users on the design of a new product, and when introduced, it not only satisfied the market need, sales of the product exceeded expectations and the factory was enormously pleased.

  2. Silvia

    Love your article! You’ve explained the principles of customer engagement in a way that is easy to understand and simple to practice. Glad I found your blog. Feel free to visit mine as well!

  3. Phill Barufkin

    A brand, such as the case which is made here, will go a long way to cementing respect from its consumers and establishing indelible connections through direct involvement and meaningful marketing experiences. However, it takes a lot of effort to earn the respect of a consumer and very little to lose them. Deploying engagement marketing is powerful when applied to the right brand in the right situation.

    Phill Barufkin is a strategist, planner and researcher who works with businesses to deploy integrated marketing programs.

    Phill Barufkin

  4. Matt


    Thanks for the article.

    For engagement is always the key, in every single step of the buying process.

    How to provoke engagement is ever-evolving; social media is able to bridge that gap to some extent in my opinion…if used correctly of course.



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