Call to Action in The Bathroom

Holexp_1I found a great Call to Action today in the bathroom of the Holiday Inn Express. Their "Stay Smart" campaign reaches into the bathroom to the labels of the toiletry items.

What’s the difference between Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion and Lens Wipe vs Cleanse, Wash, Tame, Soften and See?

VERBS. The strongest Call to Action is always a verb. Make people see themselves doing the thing you would like them to do.

(I’m just glad the toilet wasn’t labeled.)

1 thought on “Call to Action in The Bathroom

  1. Jason

    Yes. I agree with you. “Call to Action” is very good in hotel bathroom, especially for new brands or new products. If in the bathroom at home, people turn to use the products that they are already familiar with. But in a hotel, it’s a good chance to try new things. People’s mind are fresh at that time and ready to accept new things.

    Also, it is very very boring to stay in restroom, especially when away from home. Reading is the best thing to kill time. I always have to quickly find some reading materials before I go to bathroom. If there are some more relevant reading materials in the restroom, that would be very good.



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